Method Jam #3: How to Value Design Thinking

Tuesday December 9th @ 7pm - 141 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Beyond the output of code and the pixels, design thinking plays a huge role in understanding your customers and shaping the product. How do you communicate that value to stakeholders internally or on the client side?

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Who will be leading discussions?

Travis Hines

Huda Idrees

What is Method Jam?

Method Jam is an event focused on exploring how designers, developers, managers, and researchers can work together to create better customer experiences. With many companies, startups and agencies looking to adopt a leaner, iterative, collaborative way of working, we’ll share our experiences with the practical ways that teams can make it happen.

The goal is to learn about the different tools, activities and processes used to build products that people love.

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Method Jam #2

Method Jam #2 happened on September 12 2014 in Waterloo.

What did we talk about?

Luke Canning

Moving Design Up the Ladder

Blake Stevenson & Eric Roberts

How Engineers Can Design Better Products and Services

Tessa Thornton
Nascent Digital

Building Team Nirvana

Tom Creighton

Shifting Your Client's Mindset

Method Jam #1

Method Jam #1 happened on July 23 2014 in Toronto.

What did we talk about?

Luke Canning

How do designers create value?

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Ben Morris

Exposing companies to the 'lean process'

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Nate Garvie

The benefits and pitfalls of coworking with your clients

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