Method Jam #2

“Design Is a Tool”

TONIGHT September 12, 2014 @ 7PM — Boltmade in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Focused discussions on using design thinking in your workflow. Out of town? We will be running a free bus from downtown Toronto to Waterloo! The bus leaves at 5:30 PM from 141 Bathurst St. Stay the weekend for Fluxible, the user experience party disguised as a conference.

What are we talking about?

Luke Canning

Moving Design Up the Ladder

Blake Stevenson & Eric Roberts

How Engineers Can Design Better Products and Services

Tessa Thornton
Nascent Digital

Building Team Nirvana

Tom Creighton

Shifting Your Client's Mindset

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Who should attend?

Are you a designer, developer, or project manager interested in learning how to run a leaner, more collaborative design process? Method Jam is the place to meet others in your industry and share know-how, tips and techniques on working with everyone from startups to enterprise clients.

Method Jam #1

Method Jam #1 happened on July 23 2014 in Toronto.

What did we talk about?

Luke Canning

How do designers create value?

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Ben Morris

Exposing companies to the 'lean process'

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Nate Garvie

The benefits and pitfalls of coworking with your clients

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